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I wanted to thank you for the opportunity at the Referee Academy.  The Clinicians were great and our sessions were wonderful.  

(Special Kudos go to Shawn and Shannon known as our  "S" Club at different court locations). 


The was spotlighted and especially present in the morning session (Maggie) with the leadership dynamics (video) and non verbal communication

on "what works" during the season.  


As a current staff member, I'm always reviewing how to improve myself and viewing assessment of "wisdom" opportunities.  

My sincere hope is that during the session(s) our crew dynamics displayed our efforts, ability and drive to be successful.

Just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for the great experience on Saturday at your camp. I really enjoyed my experience, especially the in-classroom portion with Maggie and Ashley. I look forward to taking a lot of the information shared at the camp into my next season.

I wanted to reach out and offer a heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to attend the event at Westtown this weekend. The efficient nature of the day left NEWBOC with a host of appreciative attendees! I would like to give a special thanks to Tim Greene who offered some incredibly valuable feedback on court angles as the game was going on.


Maggie - the presentation on the psychological aspect of officiating was specifically valuable to me.

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