Clinic Information

You must pre-register and submit payment prior to attending a clinic.

Cost for clinics:

Division I: $300.00

Division III: $ 250.00

To register for one of our clinics, you must do the following:

1) Select the link below to sign up for the clinic of your choice

2) Fill out registration form completely and hit the submit button

3) Follow instructions after submission for payment information

It is also your option to submit a 1-page officiating resume. Resumes should include:

                 a) Head shot photograph on top

                 b) Years of officiating

                 c) Awards received

                 d) Postseason experience

                 e) Current and past coordinators

Convert your resume into a PDF (Portable Document File) File and upload on the registration page.  Please be sure that your resume is 15 MB or less.