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"Become Elite by Choice"

  • To evaluate and instruct current and prospective officials on their proficiency in the techniques and mechanics of women's collegiate basketball.

  • The focus of our training sessions are mechanics, positioning, game management, and mental readiness.

  • Coordinators in attendance: Mike Schmidt, Jon Levinson, and Marty Novitch.


Learn to Be A Referee:

Those wishing to register should click on the "Clinics" tab at the top of the page.

“The Referee Academy provides a combination of high level basketball to officiate and some of the highest level officials as clinicians. This really provides strong feedback that can be immediately implemented. This is by far the best investment I’ve made in my officiating career.”

"This is by far the "BEST" high level basketball camp experience I've had. The attention to detail from the registration process right thought the end of camp evaluation form is superior. The highlight for me is the amount of time taken to debrief after the games with the outstanding clinicians. Being able to just talk about basketball officiating and anything else under the sun is tremendous. These clinician's bring an entirely new level to making a difference in how I approach officiating."

Dr. Maggie's class was OUTSTANDING, informative, and applicable to what I do for a living. BIG THANKS!

I really enjoyed the camp experience overall. I loved that the observers had a full game break in between the games they were assigned so we could do a thorough breakdown with each crew. All of the observers I had really knew their stuff and were consistent in their advice. The session with Dr. Maggie was very interesting and thought provoking. I will definitely be implementing some of the strategies in my games to more effectively communicate with coaches.

The Referee Academy is without question, the best in the business!! Appreciate all that you do!!

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